Sundays, our special days

Sundays are special days for the hubs and I.

Nope, we don’t do the yuppy brunch get-togethers like most Gen Ys do. Neither do we spend it lazing around at home, hoping that Monday doesn’t come too soon.

On Sundays, the hubs and I make a special effort to wake up early, have a nice cup of coffee and take a long walk to church. It’s nothing special actually, but to start the day (the week and our lives right with God), always makes us happy.

Walk to church

Walk to church

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves

After experiencing 2 lousy days during the week and 2 whole months away from home, we decided that we needed to be spiritually recharged. As such, the hubs and I woke up even earlier today and went for TWO church services today. The first service (0930hrs) was at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB). Worship was great as usual and the message today talked about Remembrance Day. Next, we took a nice walk to Onslow Square, a satellite venue for HTB to pick up our favourite breakfast in London; the ham and cheese croissant! I really do feel slightly embarrassed talking about this but the croissant is simply awesome! It was toasty and crusty on the outside, warm and moist on the inside. It was perfect! So perfect, that we had THREE servings of it (I know, but I’m only human. Do not judge!)

At Holy Trinity Brompton

At Holy Trinity Brompton

The best ham and cheese croissant

The best ham and cheese croissant

The second service was then spent at Hillsongs London at Dominion Theatre. To quote Pastor Lawrence, “Hillsongs London is one happening church!”. I absolutely love spending my Sundays with the Hillsongs family. The people are friendly, the worship is electric and the sermons by Pastor Dan Blythe, are probably closest to what we have back home with Pastor Prince.

At Hillsongs London

At Hillsongs London

We are really very blessed to have God in our lives. The troubles that we face are absolutely nothing compared to what God has in store for us. If only we could learn to be less self-centered and more God-centered.

I really do miss our home church back in Sillypore. Thank God for the internet, advanced technology and online shopping services that allow us to purchase online sermons. We may be miles away from church, but God is never too far from us.

Holy Trinity Brompton

HTB Brompton Road
London  SW7 1JA

HTB Onslow Square
London  SW7 3NX

Croissant: £1.50!!

Hillsongs London

268-269 Tottenham Court Road
Greater London, W1T 7AQ


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